In a noteworthy stride towards technological innovation, General Motors (GM) continues to reinforce its commitment to artificial intelligence (AI), revealing comprehensive plans for AI integration back in August. The latest addition to this transformative journey is the appointment of Anantha Kancherla from Meta Platforms Inc. as the Vice President of Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems.

This strategic move aligns with GM’s broader tech-focused initiatives, underscored by the leadership of Mike Abbott, GM’s Executive Vice President of Software and former Apple executive. Abbott’s vision for GM’s tech future materialized in the launch of a dedicated website, providing insights into the automaker’s multifaceted AI endeavors. The website serves as a showcase for GM’s ongoing AI projects, ranging from motorsports to manufacturing processes and autonomous vehicle development.

GM’s profound exploration into the realm of AI was first highlighted in August, when the company partnered with Google Cloud. This collaboration led to the successful integration of conversational AI technology into millions of GM vehicles, facilitated by the OnStar Interactive Virtual Assistant (IVA). Powered by Google Cloud’s Dialogflow technology, the IVA handled over 1 million customer inquiries monthly in the U.S. and Canada, offering responses and assistance with navigation.

This initial success prompted GM to further explore the potential of generative AI, a transformative technology capable of revolutionizing the automotive experience. Mike Abbott expressed enthusiasm about the prospect, stating that generative AI could bring about revolutionary changes in purchasing, ownership, and interaction experiences both inside and outside the vehicle.

GM’s embrace of AI extends beyond the confines of its vehicles. The company’s data scientists are actively implementing AI solutions across diverse domains, demonstrating a holistic approach to harnessing the transformative power of artificial intelligence. The continued collaboration with Google Cloud reflects GM’s commitment to staying at the forefront of AI applications, signaling a pivotal shift in how customers engage with GM’s products and services.

As Anantha Kancherla takes on the role of Vice President of Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems, his expertise will likely play a key role in shaping GM’s AI-driven future, further solidifying the automaker’s position as an industry leader in technological innovation.

Sources: Detroit News , PRNewsWire

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