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Figma Launches Creator Micro – A Dedicated Macro Pad for Designers

TL;DR: Figma introduces its first hardware offering, the Figma Creator Micro, a compact mechanical keyboard designed for designers.

Design software company Figma introduces its first hardware offering, the Figma Creator Micro, a compact mechanical keyboard designed for designers. Priced at $139 and available for preorder, this peripheral features 12 keys and two dials tailored for quick access to essential Figma tools and shortcuts. The collaboration between Figma and Work Louder brings forth a preconfigured version of the existing Creator Micro, specifically optimized for Figma users.

The Figma Creator Micro streamlines the user experience by integrating crucial Figma shortcuts, such as object alignment, spacing controls, shape creation, undo-redo, and layer organization. While the macro pad is initially designed for Figma tools, users have the flexibility to customize it for compatibility with other software. Remapping is facilitated through the VIA keyboard customization software, offering robust support for custom shortcuts and macros.

Equipped with 12 keys, each supporting up to four functions based on designated “layers,” the Creator Micro provides access to 48 different shortcuts. Although it may not cover Figma’s extensive 150-plus keyboard shortcuts, it caters to frequently used functions. Figma’s Product Manager, Rob Bye, highlights personal use cases like aligning elements, managing UI visibility, copying as PNG, and detaching components in Figma and FigJam. The macro pad’s adaptability extends to controlling various features, such as switching between Figma tools or creating components.

The Figma Creator Micro stands out not only for its functionality but also its aesthetic appeal. Featuring Figma-branded keycaps, the macro pad includes three sets—black, Figma’s colors, and Figma software icons—for customization. This approach aims to address the challenge of remembering custom button configurations by providing visual cues.

While the concept of using a macro pad for Figma control has existed, Figma’s official hardware entry is poised to broaden its adoption. By configuring its peripheral to seamlessly integrate with Figma software, Figma aims to enhance accessibility and promote the use of macro pads to a broader audience.

Note: The Figma Creator Micro is currently available for preorder at $139, with shipping expected in the first half of next year.

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