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Meta Announces Removal of Detailed Ad Targeting Options Amid Concerns

TL;DR: Meta will rid of specific ad targeting options related to sensitive topics, such as health and race, from January 15, 2024, encouraging advertisers to rely on broader targeting alternatives.

In an update for Facebook advertisers, Meta has revealed plans to eliminate or consolidate some of its detailed ad targeting options, citing reasons such as limited usage, excessive granularity, or association with topics deemed “sensitive” by users.

Commencing on January 15, 2024, Meta will start the process of removing or consolidating detailed targeting options linked to topics perceived as sensitive. Ad sets utilizing these options will continue to run until March 18, 2024, but advertisers will need to update their targeting selections during this period. After March 18, ads will no longer be delivered to the discontinued targeting options, and affected ad sets may be paused.

According to Meta, the “sensitive” options primarily pertain to interests related to health, race, and/or ethnicity. This move aligns with Meta’s efforts to address past challenges related to unethical and illegal use of its ad targeting features.

However, Meta has not provided specific details regarding the categories being removed, making it challenging to assess the potential impact and the comprehensive nature of the changes. This marks another step away from manual, granular ad targeting, which has the potential for discriminatory practices.

While Meta aims to prevent misuse, concerns linger as targeting users based on regions may indirectly lead to similar outcomes. Despite efforts to eliminate questionable audience targeting, Meta has been enhancing its automated ad targeting tools, limiting advertisers’ manual options. Meta encourages marketers to leverage its broad targeting and Advantage+ options, relying more on its systems for improved performance.

As Meta continues to remove targeting categories over time, advertisers may find it more beneficial to embrace the platform’s systematic display options. This shift suggests that relying on manual targeting may become increasingly restricted, ultimately leaving systematic options as the preferred choice for brands.

Affected advertisers will receive warning notifications in Ads Manager, alerting them to update their campaigns post the effective date. Meta assures impacted users that alternative targeting recommendations will be provided wherever possible.

This development underscores the evolving landscape of ad targeting on Facebook and Instagram, prompting advertisers to stay informed and adapt their strategies accordingly.

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