Mr Beast in talks with Amazon Prime Video to produce a reality challenge type show.

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MrBeast Nears $100 Million Amazon Prime Deal for Reality Show

TL;DR: MrBeast is reportedly in advanced discussions with Amazon Prime for a potential $100 million deal to create an exclusive reality/competition show

The renowned YouTuber, MrBeast, aka Jimmy Donaldson, is reportedly in advanced talks with Amazon Prime to create a reality/competition show, with speculations of the deal reaching $100 million. With over 230 million subscribers on YouTube, MrBeast has gained immense popularity for his competition, gaming, and stunt videos. While Amazon and MrBeast’s representatives are yet to comment, the potential collaboration could mark a significant milestone in the streaming giant’s content offerings.

MrBeast, known for his high production videos, recently garnered over $250,000 from his inaugural post on X (formerly Twitter). Despite the impressive figure, MrBeast clarified that the revenue was influenced by advertisers buying ads on his video. This potential Amazon Prime deal follows MrBeast’s rejection of Elon Musk’s proposal to upload videos to X, emphasizing the competitive earnings per view on YouTube.

In 2022, Forbes reported MrBeast’s earnings at $54 million, making him the highest-earning social media creator. The 25-year-old content creator’s team reportedly pitched a show to various streaming platforms, with Amazon emerging as the winner in the bidding war. While specific details about the TV show remain undisclosed, insiders suggest it will be a competition series, debuting on MrBeast’s YouTube channel before becoming exclusive to Prime Video.

The success of MrBeast’s Squid Game-inspired competition on YouTube has likely fueled interest from streaming platforms. Despite controversies surrounding the perceived exploitativeness of his charitable videos, MrBeast continues to expand his brand, from the contentious MrBeast Burger venture to his recent foray into candy bars. If finalized, the Amazon Prime deal could further solidify MrBeast’s influence in the digital content landscape.

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