Rabbit sells 20,000 R1 units in first 2 days of public release, preparing for a third batch. Tech News at Tool Battles

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Rabbit Sells Out First 20,000 R1 devices, 3rd Batch Available For Pre-Order

TL;DR: The Rabbit R1 has witnessed unprecedented demand, with preorders for its first two production runs selling out within days, prompting the release of a third batch.

The Rabbit R1, a compact AI device designed to streamline app usage, has experienced overwhelming demand as preorders for its initial two production runs, priced at $199 each, have completely sold out. The startup, Rabbit, made the announcement on X (formerly Twitter), revealing that the first 10,000 units sold out within a single day, surpassing their initial sales goal of 500 devices on launch day by 20 times. The first batch is scheduled to begin shipping in March.

Following the rapid sellout of the second batch, consisting of an additional 10,000 devices, Rabbit has now made a third batch available for preorder. The expected delivery date for this batch is set between May and June of 2024.

Unveiled during CES, the Rabbit R1 features a 2.88-inch touchscreen and operates on the company’s proprietary Rabbit OS. Powered by a “Large Action Model,” it serves as a universal controller for various apps, allowing users to perform tasks such as playing music, shopping for groceries, and sending messages through a unified interface without the need for a phone.

The device also offers customization options, enabling users to train it on how to interact with specific apps. The third batch is currently open for preorder, catering to the continued high demand for the innovative gadget.

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