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Stellantis Expands In-Vehicle Experience with CloudMade’s AI Assets Acquisition

TL;DR: Stellantis has acquired CloudMade's AI assets, including an artificial intelligence framework and machine learning technology, aiming to blossom its in-vehicle software platform.

On January 24, 2024, Stellantis, the world’s third-largest automaker, made a significant move by acquiring the artificial intelligence framework, machine learning models, and intellectual property rights from British IT company CloudMade. The deal, although shrouded in secrecy regarding financial details, is expected to reshape Stellantis’ in-vehicle software platform and enhance its STLA SmartCockpit development.

The acquisition aims to accelerate the creation of intelligent mobility solutions, providing Stellantis with the agility and speed to stay at the forefront of automotive technology. With software playing an increasingly vital role in the value of vehicles, this strategic move aligns with the industry’s shift towards electrification and the growing importance of software-related services for automakers.

As part of the deal, 44 engineers and software developers from CloudMade will join Stellantis, bringing their expertise to contribute to the mid-term development of the STLA SmartCockpit platform. The SmartCockpit, one of three technology platforms Stellantis is deploying, is designed to digitally integrate vehicles and drivers, offering advanced features for predictive maintenance, diagnostics, voice assistance, navigation, and fleet management.

Stellantis envisions generating nearly $22 billion in annual revenue from software and subscriptions by 2030. The acquisition of CloudMade’s cutting-edge AI assets positions Stellantis for a remarkable transformation in the personalized mobility experience, showcasing the company’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

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