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Turtle Beach Unveils VelocityOne Race: A High-End Racing Sim Hardware Kit

TL;DR: Turtle Beach launches the $649.99 VelocityOne Race, a premium racing sim hardware kit with a direct drive system, integrated race management display, and customizable pedals, available for preorder from January 16th and officially launching on February 26th.

Turtle Beach, a prominent player in gaming peripherals, has made a bold entry into the racing simulation hardware market with the announcement of its first-ever racing wheel and pedal system, the VelocityOne Race. Priced at $649.99, the VelocityOne Race offers a direct drive system, promising immersive force feedback performance for an unparalleled racing experience. Preorders for the hardware kit have commenced on January 16th, with an official launch scheduled for February 26th.

The VelocityOne Race is positioned as a premium offering, featuring a modular steering wheel control unit equipped with six buttons, five latched toggle switches, three rotary dials, and two analog paddles for the clutch and handbrake. Notably, the wheel unit incorporates a “race management display,” providing real-time race telemetry data for supported racing games. This integrated display adds a layer of interactivity, allowing drivers to monitor critical information without diverting their attention from the race.

Designed to cater to both Windows PC and Xbox users (Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S), the VelocityOne Race offers a customizable and high-fidelity force-feedback experience powered by the custom K: Drive motor. This direct-drive system is positioned to deliver realistic and powerful responses, distinguishing itself from traditional belt-driven alternatives.

The steering wheel unit also introduces the Race Management Display, described as an advanced digital dashboard providing real-time race telemetry and full customization options. While the list of supported games is yet to be announced, Turtle Beach aims to integrate the display with popular racing titles, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

The racing controller system includes a customizable pedal set with adjustable throttle, load-cell brakes, and a clutch pedal. The load-cell braking system, named “Dynamic Brake Tek,” measures braking force directly, ensuring enhanced realism by focusing on the applied force rather than pedal travel distance.

To further customize the gaming experience, Turtle Beach offers the VelocityOne Race Tuner companion app, compatible with Xbox, PC, iOS, and Android devices. The app enables users to make additional adjustments to control mappings and force feedback levels.

With preorders underway, Turtle Beach emphasizes the premium design and features of the VelocityOne Race, comparing it to budget direct drive offerings in the market. The company acknowledges the competitive landscape but highlights the advantages of its bundled solution, presenting a convenient option for users seeking a comprehensive racing hardware kit.

While the high-end pricing may not appeal to all users, especially those not keen on advanced features, Turtle Beach positions the VelocityOne Race as a top-tier option for racing enthusiasts seeking an immersive and customizable racing simulation experience. As the official launch date approaches, the gaming community awaits the arrival of Turtle Beach’s VelocityOne Race to see how it will fare in the competitive world of racing simulation hardware.

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