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Apple is reportedly stepping up production for the Vision Pro mixed-reality headset, aiming for a launch by February. Tech News at Tool Battles

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When Will the Apple Vision Pro Release? Apple Accelerates Production for February Launch

TL;DR: Apple is reportedly stepping up production for the Vision Pro mixed-reality headset, aiming for a launch by February.

In a bid to meet its ambitious release schedule, Apple is reportedly stepping up production for the Vision Pro mixed-reality headset, aiming for a launch by February. The company has been running production at full throttle in Chinese facilities over the past few weeks to ensure that customer-bound units are ready by the end of January, with a retail debut expected the following month, according to insider sources cited by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

Apple initially unveiled the Vision Pro in June, setting the release timeline for early 2024. Speculation regarding the launch date has varied, with early rumors pointing to March and more recent reports suggesting a January release. The headset, priced at $3,499, represents Apple’s foray into spatial computing, promising to seamlessly blend digital content with the physical world.

Sales of the Vision Pro are expected to be limited to the United States initially. Customers will be required to purchase the device in a retail store or pick up an online order in-store. Apple is prioritizing a personalized buying experience, ensuring that customers have the correct headband size and Light Seal for a proper fit. Given the intricacies of fitting, Apple plans to conduct headset assembly in its retail locations.

To prepare for the launch, Apple is organizing training sessions for store employees in Cupertino, covering aspects like how the Vision Pro functions, key selling points, and proper etiquette when assisting customers in trying on the device. The retail experience is expected to be highly sophisticated, surpassing previous product launches, and ensuring customers walk away with a headset that offers a comfortable fit.

While Apple is gearing up for a February release, Gurman cautions that potential production issues or unforeseen challenges could lead to delays. If demand for the Vision Pro is robust, meeting production targets might take several months, given the limited supply currently available to Apple.

In addition to the hardware launch, Apple is already working on the next version of the device’s operating system, visionOS, which is slated to arrive later in 2024. Retail employees are also expected to learn new types of etiquette, such as placing the device on a person’s head and fitting cushions around the face to ensure customer comfort. Apple plans to introduce an app that scans customers’ heads to determine the proper headband and Light Seal, with retail employees confirming the app’s recommendations during the sale.

As Apple’s most ambitious product in decades, the Vision Pro is poised to usher in a new era of spatial computing, featuring an ultra-high-resolution display system, custom Apple silicon, and the world’s first spatial operating system. The $3,499 headset is a key addition to Apple’s portfolio, showcasing the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation.

Note: The information is based on insider sources and is subject to potential changes or updates from Apple as the launch date approaches.

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