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Maker & Tool Battles member Sergiu Chiriac has compiled a list of current directories that AI Startups, tools & products can submit to for a backlink or feature. After starting with 175 directories, he refined the list down to 139 total. Read more from Sergiu 👇 You can view the list here | Be sure to follow Sergiu on X as well

“Wile submitting Photo Rush and Tweet Detective to various directories, I encountered numerous hurdles: cumbersome submission forms, opaque pricing, and an overall time-consuming process. This experience inspired me to curate a list detailing my journey through these submissions.

I started with 175 directories and meticulously whittled them down to the most effective 139. I personally submitted to over 60 of these and noticed significant improvements in traffic, domain rating (DR) and backlinks for my startups. This list is more than a directory compilation; it’s a testament to the indie developer’s marketing journey.

For fellow indie developers seeking effective marketing avenues for their startups, this list is tailored for you.

Happy marketing! 🌟🛠️”

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