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Auto Streamer is a multi-purpose, generative AI platform that brings a revolution in the realm of education. With the capability to create and broadcast web-based courses in a plethora of languages, it stands at the forefront of educational innovation. 

Key Features: 

– Infinite course outlines and complete web courses ready with audio. 

– Versatile teaching for a range of topics from humanities to tech. 

– A linguistic playground with over 50 languages and a choice of 6 vocal tones. 

– Fully customizable course presentation, from headers and footers to web links. 

– Freedom to define your course length, from quick tutorials to in-depth classes. 

– Visually pleasing with dark and light mode for your website. 

– Control your content’s depth with a set word limit for each chapter. 


– Craft and stream educational content tailored to your audience’s needs. 

– Break language barriers, making your courses accessible globally. 

– Personalize your teaching portal, reinforcing your brand with each course. 

– Flexibility to adjust course density, catering to varied learning appetites. 

– Aesthetic control of your course site, ensuring comfort for all users. 

Use Cases: 

– Students: Seamlessly sift through an array of subjects with courses designed for every learning style. 

– Educators and Teachers: Ignite passion in classrooms worldwide with interactive and engaging digital courses. 

– Content Creators: Spin your expertise into educational content that’s both informative and engaging. 

– Educational Institutions: Expand your curriculum into the digital space and connect with students everywhere. 

– Corporate Training Professionals: Custom-build training programs that propel your team’s skills forward. 

– Language Instructors: Bridge communication gaps with language courses that cater to diverse learners. 

– Web Developers: Quickly deploy educational websites with a few clicks. 

– EdTech Startups: Innovate and lead with educational solutions that stand out. 

– Lifelong Learners: Indulge in continuous learning with resources that grow with you. 

– Live Streamers: Engage an audience in real-time with informative live sessions that are bound to captivate. 

Imagine, create, and share educational content that resonates with learners across the globe – with Auto Streamer, you’re limited only by the imagination.

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