Internal search engine powered by AI.

Klu is your internal search engine, pulling data from your apps. Find anything, ask questions, or engage in chat with your data, whether it’s a Notion page, an email, or a Google Drive file. Think of it as your own Google.

Discover the future of seamless collaboration and knowledge management with Klu, your AI search engine tailored for work apps.

🚀 Effortless Integration: Connect and streamline your favorite work apps effortlessly with Klu. Search, ask questions, and engage in intelligent data conversations, all in one unified platform.

🔍 Unified Search Bar: Experience the power of a unified search bar that consolidates information across your work apps. Klu’s smart search delivers precise and rapid results directly to you, creating a second brain for your work.

🌐 Integrations Unleashed: Unify your data seamlessly across emails, messages, and documents with Klu. From attachments in Gmail to messages in Slack and files in Drive, Klu’s AI search ensures a cohesive and intelligent search experience.

💬 Smart Chat with Your Data: Ask questions and chat directly with your data using Klu’s AI. No more switching between apps – Klu’s algorithms understand your files, providing spot-on answers and a deeper dive into your information.

🔄 Instant Transition from Search to Chat: Seamlessly move from search to chat with a single click. Engage in dynamic conversations, analyze, discuss, or share specific data without the hassle of switching between platforms.

🗄️ Centralized Knowledge Hub: Klu keeps all your data, files, and discussions in one central location within the chat. No more juggling between apps – everything you need is conveniently accessible in Klu.

🌐 Enterprise-Grade Knowledge Management: Simplify searches, enhance collaboration, and make knowledge management a breeze for your team with Klu’s AI search. Boost productivity by ensuring every piece of information is within everyone’s reach.

⚙️ Features That Empower:

Smart Search: Instant, AI-powered results across all your apps.
Chat AI: Engage in dynamic conversations and uncover insights.
Time-Saving: Boost workflow efficiency and focus on what matters.
Accessibility: Use Klu as a web app, standalone application, or with our Chrome extension.
Secured Data: Prioritize data security with encrypted transfers and SOC2 certification.
Integration: Bring your favorite apps together for a unified, efficient experience.

🔐 Security and Privacy Assurance:

Transit Encryption: Industry-standard encryption protocols for all data transfers.
SOC2 Certified: Commitment to the highest standards for managing and protecting customer data.
Search Index Encryption: Extra measures to encrypt search indexes, ensuring metadata security.

🚀 Talk to us and Boost Productivity with Klu! Access any information you need, enhance collaboration, and revolutionize your work app experience with Klu’s powerful AI search engine.

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