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Generate a SaaS boilerplate from a prompt


Generate a SaaS boilerplate from a prompt


Marblism generates a fully-functional web application from a single prompt:
1. Describe the app and all the features you want to build
2. We generate the database schema
3. We generate the back-end in NodeJS
4. We generate the front-end in React with all your app’s features
5. Clone the Github repos and you’re ready to go!

Don’t waste countless hours on setting up your authentication, connecting your front-end to the back-end, picking your design system etc…

The 90% heavy lifting work is done for you. You focus on adding your 10% unique touch.

Ideal to ship an idea fast without starting from scratch.

Works well for SaaS, marketplaces, social apps, or AI apps.

We are excited to see what you are going to build on Marblism!


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