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UniqueSide: Your Fast Track to MVP Development

Turn your ideas into reality with UniqueSide, where speed meets efficiency in product development. Our experienced team is dedicated to transforming your concepts into Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) within just 15 days.

Why Choose UniqueSide?

Speed: We prioritize speed, recognizing its significance in building MVPs, and take pride in our rapid development process.

Efficiency: Our commitment extends beyond speed; we ensure the products we build are not only fast but also scalable for future growth.

Product Delivery: We guarantee the delivery of your MVP within 15 days, with additional time required based on project complexity.

Post Launch Support: Our support doesn’t end with the launch. We stand by you, providing post-launch assistance whenever you need it.

UniqueSide Offerings:

We specialize in creating diverse solutions:

SaaS Products: Bring your SaaS product ideas to life with our expertise.

Mobile & Web Apps: Launch your mobile or web applications effortlessly—just bring us your idea.

AI Apps: Explore the possibilities of AI with our swift development of innovative AI apps.

Technical Writing: Let us handle technical content creation, offering expertise in communicating complex concepts.

Our Tech Stack:

While we are flexible in choosing a tech stack, our preferred technologies include NextJs, React, Tailwind, Python, Node, Java, AWS, and Vercel.

Our Work:

Explore some of our completed projects:

BoilerCode: SaaS Boilerplates for faster launches. Platform converting domains into content websites. Dynamic widget creation for websites. API SaaS Platform for swift shipping. Chrome Extension adding ChatGPT to any website.

MoneyFit: Fintech platform for investment portfolio tracking. Bulk blog generation platform for SEO.

Companies We’ve Worked With:

Scarlett Panda
MyZone AI

Product Development: Starting at $6000, the MVP cost varies based on project complexity.

Figma to Frontend: Starting at $3000, transform Figma designs into functional frontend.

Join Our Satisfied Clients:

Danielle Jacques (Founder at AskDocs): “Working with Manoj is a no-brainer. Not only do you get a hardworking developer, but also a partner who gives pragmatic advice.”

Mark S (CEO at PeerThrough): “UniqueSide delivered my MVP fast. Learned many things along the way from Manoj. Highly recommend UniqueSide.”

Jacky Tan (CEO at CraftMyPDF): “Genuinely impressed with the quality of their work. Meticulous attention to detail, fast delivery—truly reliable for top-notch technical writing.”

Shimecki (Founder at MyZone AI): “MyThoughts app is ready! Excited to integrate it into MyZone AI Chatbots!”

Ellis Crosby (CTO at ScarlettPanda): “10/10 would recommend this! We used UniqueSide to get a head start on a React Native MVP, and Manoj delivered a pretty solid app for us.”

Embark on your product development journey with UniqueSide—your partner in speed, efficiency, and success. Get started now.


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